When a consumer walks into a store, there are multiple options of any given product for them to choose between, so it’s important that our customers’ item(s) stand out and speak for themselves. It is vital to not only choose the correct packaging that provides the best product but also to have packaging that is in tune with current trends. Here are 4 food packaging design trends to pay attention to as we move into 2019.

1) Blast From the Past

Nostalgia is a strong emotion, which is why it is one of the leading food packaging trends at the moment. These plain and retro designs pull at the heartstrings of consumers. It reminds them of an authentic and simpler time, which in return subconsciously causes them to trust a product more than another based on packaging design alone.

2) Hand Drawn

As mentioned in the previous trend, consumers are drawn to packaging designs that evoke a memory or feeling, so many producers are incorporating hand-drawn labels. These playful doodles cannot be computer generated, so it adds a more personal and wholesome touch. Many companies are now taking this opportunity to feature prominent and up-and-coming artists.

3)Less is More

Simplicity is the trend when it comes to packaging designs and ingredient lists. With society becoming more and more health conscious, it has become in the best interest of food manufacturers to reduce the number of ingredients, and provide healthier options. They are taking the same approach with their packaging by incorporating the list of their minimal ingredients into the packaging design.

4) Go Green

Plastic is out, and going green is in! As Millennials and Gen Z become the majority of the consumer market, we are beginning to see a shift to more environment-friendly packaging. Gone are the days of non-biodegradable/plastic packaging. Look for more paper and bamboo packaging options and designs to be a trend that sticks around for a long time.

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