Reed Food Technology was founded in 1995 in Pearl, Mississippi, as a food research and development company by R.J. Reed. With over ten years of experience in the food industry; first as an assistant manager for Kentucky Fried Chicken, and then with a family-owned poultry business, Reed established his own business. Since the beginning, Reed Food Technology has offered custom food products, food lab testing services, mass production, and packaging, all while utilizing co-packers and manufacturers.

Until 2007, Reed Food Technology mainly produced liquids and dry seasoning blends for mostly industrial businesses. In fall of that year Reed Food acquired TasteMaker Foods in Memphis, Tennessee, which expanded not only their resources and square footage, but also opened the door to becoming a dry blend operator. TasteMaker sold products that appealed to the foodservice industry, which also exposed Reed Food Technology to a completely new market and client base.

The TasteMaker addition allowed Reed Food Technology to have 25,000 more square feet of production space; more efficient operations for bulk flour blending, and better quality control, as well as time management. It also permitted Reed Food Technology, a growing company; the ability to have multiple operating locations in two major cities in the Southeast.

One of the inspirations behind R.J. Reed establishing Reed Food Technology was due to his passion for helping people, and with acquiring TasteMaker Foods he was able to do just that but on a larger scale. With a total of 65,000 square feet of food labs, label production, and food production, Reed Food was able to assist more clients than ever before. While growing the client base, it was extremely important to everyone that Reed Food upheld its superior ingredients and top-quality, custom products to each of their clients.

Now in 2018, Reed Food Technology is expanding both facilities; the Pearl, Mississippi, plant will total 80,000 square feet and the Memphis, Tennessee, plant will total 50,000 square feet.

Many may think they’ve never tasted a Reed Food Technology product, but the joke is on them. Reed Food has assisted O’Charley’s, Jack’s in Alabama, Newk’s, Pilgrim’s Pride, and many more in their food production and consistency needs. The other great thing about Reed Food Technology is that they partner with clients of any size. In fact, they believe that they are better at producing smaller qualities. Whether it’s a family sauce recipe or a seasoning to be packaged and distributed across the United States, Reed Food Technology is ready and willing to assist with any and all food production needs.

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