In 1913, Henry Ford redesigned productivity with the invention of the moving assembly line, which decreased production time and generated a more affordable product for the public. Hence was the birth of mass production. By definition, mass production is the manufacturing of goods in large quantities, typically by machinery. When beginning the process of mass-producing a food product it can be overwhelming. You are turning over your prized creation to someone else and entrusting them to reconstruct it correctly for mass consumption. If you have been considering taking the leap into mass production, here are a few benefits of the process that you may not know.

With today’s technology and advancements in machinery, mass production has a significantly higher accuracy rate than ever before. Once a dish, seasoning or sauce recipe has been deconstructed and analyzed using the latest in food production software by an experienced technician, the item is ready for the production line. The preparation step is the most important. It is vital that all measurements and ingredients are set and ready to go prior production to prevent any oversight. This technology and process reduces the risk of mistakes, which leads to less waste, and less waste leads to more profit and productivity. Having a higher accuracy rate is the most important aspect to keep in mind when providing a product for public consumption and makes mass production such a viable option.

Another major benefit of choosing mass production is efficiency. The use of an automated system allows for quicker assembly, fewer steps and less manpower while providing lower labor costs as well as increasing the rate of production. With fewer employees required, mass production gives individuals time to focus and perfect his/her position to a higher degree than usual, which in turn results in a higher degree of reliability. Healthier profits, lower costs and a more affordable product are additional by-products to the elevated quality accompanied by mass production. The more efficient the manufacturer can make the process the more money can be saved to the bottom line, which makes choosing the right partner even that more important.

When deciding which manufacturer to work with, think about a company that can handle all your needs from production and packaging to shipping. Reed Food Technology takes care of all our clients’ needs. We are a trusted, custom food production and manufacturing company that offers mass production services for a wide range of private label foods, from custom seasonings to sauces, flour mixes and much more. We are able to assist and guide our clients through every step of the process. Our overall goal is to provide our customers with the finest possible product.

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