Our number one goal at Reed Food Technology is to deliver the maximum value of a product to our customers through our expert food development and improvement services. To ensure we continually exceed expectations it’s important for us to maintain our state-of-the-art test kitchen, well-trained staff that is knowledgeable in the latest testing and food deconstructing techniques, as well as stay up to date on current food trends. Whether mass-producing a dish or cooking a meal at home, here are a few tips to consider if your dish is falling a little flat.

When a dish or item is lacking in flavor or needs something extra, consider adding a dash of a new ingredient to help spice it up. Sea salt, a squeeze of lemon, vinegar, mustard and honey are just a few flavor-enhancing ingredients that can easily be added at any point during the cooking process and is sure to make a huge difference. Flavor profiles are ever-changing, so having these items on hand for last minute adjustments are key to always providing the best possible product. Also, be sure to taste the dish throughout the cooking process. This helps in knowing what flavors need enhancing or need to be added at the right times.

Finding healthy substitutions for ingredients that are high in fat, sugar or may contain gluten is another way to improve a recipe. If you’re looking to make a recipe gluten free, think about using quinoa in replacement of couscous or spaghetti squash instead of pasta. Also there is always the option of using gluten-free flour as an alternative. In need of a lower-sugar swap? Use Stevia in place of actual sugar, but be careful. A little Stevia goes a long way! Vanilla extract or unsweetened applesauce is another replacement for sugar. If interested in reducing the sodium of a dish, consider swapping garlic powder or citrus juice for salt. These are just a few recommendations to consider when wanting to create a healthy rendition of a recipe.

Other ways to optimize a recipe can be to utilize by-products of the dish and utilize those for another dish or purpose, use more cost-effective ingredients or investigate other cooking techniques that may save time, money or both. Cooking at times can seem like a science experiment, and to an extent it is, especially when trying to improve or perfect a recipe. It takes trial and error before getting it right, which is what Reed Food Technology does better than our competitors. We will try and try again until we’ve made the best possible product for our clients.

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