One of our specialties, here at Reed Food Technology, is producing custom food flavors and consumer-savvy packaging. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to provide the best presentation possible. We are ready to answer any questions, offer professional recommendations, and proactively solve problems through every step of the process. We know from experience that the most important step in packaging is branding, so here are some things to consider when beginning your packaging process.

1) Simplicity

You want clear and simple messaging. In less than four seconds, you want your packaging to answer; what’s this product for, and what’s the brand behind it. If consumers have trouble quickly answering those questions, your product is likely not to sell well in stores.

2) Honesty

Be honest in setting the consumer’s expectations. Make sure any photo of the product on the packaging is a true depiction. If your product looks ten times better on the packaging than it does in real life it becomes misleading and disappointing to the consumer.

3) Practicality

Be practical when it comes to the packaging of the product. The package your product looks best in may not be the most functional for the consumer, which could lead to turning them off from your product.

4) Extendibility

Design with the future in mind. Choose packaging and a label design that will easily expand. You never know, one day you may want to extend your brand into other avenues, and you’ll want simple brand recognition for your loyal consumers.

With over two decades of operation, Reed Food Technology has the reputation for delivering the highest quality custom and private label food products available. You’ve worked hard on your product, and we want to work harder for you.

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