At Reed Food Technology, our goal is to blend the art and science of good tastes. The culinary art comes in the form of creating new flavors, or taking flavors you know and love and combining them in a new way to give your taste buds something they have never experienced before. The science comes in the form of analyzing the depths of what makes flavors tasty, and making those new creations repeatable in the most efficient and precise method possible. This blend of art and science is what allows us to be the competitive leader that we are in the custom flavor production industry.

In order to create transcendent works of art, a painter must understand the colors, textures, lighting, shapes, mechanics of the eye, and many more factors, some of which are almost imperceptible. At Reed Food, we paint with flavors. This requires knowing exactly how and why flavors create the sensations they do, and how they can work together to create something even more bold, powerful, and beautiful for your palate.

And we’re pretty good at it. The longer food marinates, the better it tastes, and Reed Food Technology has been marinating for more than twenty years in the custom flavor production industry. It takes culinary art to create a sensational flavor, but it takes culinary science to reproduce it over and over again. The perfect blend of our scientific approach to custom flavor production, coupled with the art of creating new culinary masterpieces, is our secret recipe for putting the flavors you love in stores across the country.

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