With today’s technology, trends come and go just as quickly as fresh fruit or vegetables spoil. As a trusted provider of custom food products, food lab testing services, food product development, mass production and much more, it is important that Reed Food Technology remains at the forefront of trends and technology. Here are a few trends that are leading the way in 2019.

  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!
    There have always been questionable ice cream flavors, such as Curry & Mint, Brown Butter & Bacon and Cilantro Lime, but in 2019 manufacturers are innovating ice cream like never before. When browsing the grocery store aisles, don’t be surprised when you stumble upon pints of avocado, tahini, artisanal cheeses or other unconventional flavors.

  • Keto is Neat-O
    The low-carb, high-fat diet craze is not going anywhere any time soon. Look for a new variety of daily fat intake options during your next visit to the store. New flavors of ghee, coconut butter chocolates and variations of jerky are all examples of inventive and convenient products being brought to consumers to assist in maintaining a Keto related diet.

  • Sweet as Candy
    A taste of sweetness doesn’t exactly align with healthy food, but consumers are demanding change. More natural sweeteners and sugar replacement options like honey, fruit and coconut sugar are going to be extremely popular throughout 2019. Due to these options being healthier choices, this trend is not likely to end in the near future.


  • Where’s the Beef?
    Coinciding with society’s fascination with healthier food options, consumers are also looking for alternative choices when it comes to protein. Tofu, insect-based products and protein-dense plant manufactured items are just a few unique substitutions that many are choosing.

No matter the food needs or what is currently trending, Reed Food Technology prides itself in delivering high-quality products to our clients. From product improvement to custom packaging, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations. Let us spice up your merchandise.

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