get the most from your private label foods

At Reed Food Technology, we are proud to deliver maximum value to our customers through our expert food product development and improvement services. We begin by assessing the overall effectiveness of your existing private label food products, and our expert team of food scientists and food production professionals identify ways to improve quality, enhance yields, lower costs, increase revenue, and more. Once we have applied our targeted improvements to your food products and production processes, we turn to the mass production and packaging of your products for maximum accuracy, consistency, and quality.

Spice it up


Our culinary and food production experts are able to explore a wide range of opportunities for the improvement of your existing food products. Possible food product improvements to be made include:


  • Using functional ingredient technology to enhance yields
  • Repurposing or selling byproducts for profit
  • Changing flavor profiles to meet customers’ changing tastes
  • Using more cost-effective ingredients while maintaining desired flavor
  • Investigating production methods for time and cost savings
  • Optimizing product performance for specific client needs
  • And Much More

in the kitchen

We proudly maintain a state-of-the-art lab and test kitchen, enabling us to perform scientific analysis on existing food products, make targeted alterations to existing product formulas, generate new product formulas, and test the performance of new and existing products. Our staff of highly-experienced food lab professionals share a strong passion for food, and we all take pride in helping customers improve their food products to meet their requirements.


At Reed Food, we strive to sustain the flexibility needed to offer industry-leading lab testing and sample request turnaround times, ensuring quick food product development and improvement to meet all of our customers’ needs.