experienced and equipped

Reed Food Technology is a trusted, custom food production and manufacturing company providing mass production services for a wide range of private label foods, from custom seasonings to sauces, flour mixes, and much more. We have all of the in-house food production equipment and highly-experienced technicians needed to produce, package, and ship food products efficiently, accurately, and consistently for customers nationwide. Our food manufacturing services deliver real value to our customers, resulting in high-quality food products that stand out from the competition.

our facilities


Located in Pearl and Hernando, Mississippi, our food production facilities are equipped with the latest food manufacturing, processing, and packaging equipment, enabling us to meet all customer requirements regardless of the size or scope of the production run. Between these two facilities, we have space as well as all of the modern equipment needed to produce small and large batches for maximum efficiency.

committed to quality and service

At Reed Food, our approach to business is based on emphasizing quality, responsiveness, and custom service above all else. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality proprietary food products at virtually any quantity quickly and reliably for customers throughout the country. Each customer we serve receives personal service from our dedicated technical support team with clear and frequent communication, ensuring accurate results.


Our goal is to provide the exact custom food products our customers need to experience success in today's highly competitive marketplace.