Creating a sauce or seasoning product can be stressful and overwhelming. Reed Food Technology, with our knowledgeable and professional team, walks our clients through each step of the process. And with the Fourth of July just around the corner, we want to share 5 easy steps to create your own barbecue sauce to perfection.

1) Decide what you like. Try a few classic and general sauces to assist in choosing which aspects you would like to include in your own sauce. When tasting the different options keep in mind the different textures and flavors you might discover and want to incorporate. These flavors are classics for a reason, so embrace them for inspiration.

2) Play around with the sweetness. Brown sugar is the most popular ingredient used when sweetening a barbecue sauce but explore other options such as molasses, maple syrup, sorghum or honey. These additives allow for a richer and sweet-bitter flavor.

3) Experiment with spices and condiments. Once you’ve determined the base of the sauce, evaluate the flavor with additional spices and condiments. For a sweet and spicy sauce try adding peanut butter or chipotle. If you are looking for a more Asian inspired sauce incorporate ketchup. Other interesting ingredients to consider are Thai curry paste, Asian fish sauce, harissa, pomegranate molasses and dried ancho chiles.

4) Try adding some fruit. Every great sauce, whether barbecue or not, contains a certain amount of citrus, so give your sauce depth by adding fruit. To make your sauce sweet and sticky think about including guava paste. Lemon juice is an excellent option if you would like to add an extra bit of tang. If you are feeling extremely adventurist add blueberries or blackberries.

5) Add a bit of liquid. Whether it is water, soda or an alcoholic beverage, liquid is needed for making a great sauce. Adding different sodas is a trick used by many experienced and knowledgeable barbecue masters in order to incorporate some sweetness and texture to the sauce. Wanting a California inspired sauce? Try adding a little red wine. If you are looking for a sauce that pairs well with pork consider adding bourbon.

There are endless tricks and tweaks you can incorporate into a sauce to make it all your own. Once you’ve perfected your barbecue sauce let us develop, produce and package the product. At Reed Food Technology we work endlessly to provide our clients with the highest quality ingredients and production. We make your product our priority so that it remains consistent and authentic from beginning to end.

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